Monday, November 3, 2008

McCain/Palin: Damage Control

Some conservatives and Republicans who are at odds with the direction the Republican party has taken and plan to either vote for Democrats, third parties, or just stay home on election day, will accomplish what they should want to prevent: A leftist tax and spend government with no controls.

As President, John McCain is damage control to Barack Obama's vision of America and the onslaught of government “of, for and by” the political class. There is no need for Americans to suffer under an fiscally oppressive government until it collapses under the weight of recession, unemployment and high taxes on those few who can find work. Vote McCain/Palin to stop them.

A President McCain administration, one of the few politicians that tips the scales towards honestly and selfless service, will continue his record from the US Senate of opposing the status quo, pork, reducing spending and taxes, and to promote job creation in the private sector. If you're thinking he and Sarah Palin are not your team, you have to ask yourself, "Will a Democratic Party controlled congress and executive branch really cut your taxes?" "Do they have a history of cutting taxes?" Whose policies improve the economic situation?

The answer can be found in Obama's tax plan. I call it the "Hoover Maneuver". President Hoover's tax policies maneuvered the Great depression into long lasting economic hell hole for everyone.

Syndicated columnist Amity Shlaes writes that President Hoover raised income taxes from 25 percent to 68 percent, instituted a 40 percent tariff on imports and canceled all oil leases on government lands (sound familiar?), among other things, during the Great Depression. That maneuver very likely extended the Great Depression for many more years than need be. When the "New Deal" is added in to the mix, the depression lasted until WWII.

Obama promises to implement the Hoover Maneuver, raising taxes and stifling economic growth. Barack's version of the "Hoover Maneuver".

- Raise the top rate from 35% to 39%; This will encourage people to move money "off shore" or lose it (with a net of no tax gains for federal revenue).

- Raise the capital gains tax rate from 15% to 20-28%; That is the middle class' retirement accounts, and please remember those off shore accounts.

- Add Social Security taxes to those earning above $250K; That is 7.2% to employees, 14.2% for the self employed (think small business), additional 7.2% tax on business)

- Allow the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010; Raises income taxes on those 95% who he promises tax cuts in his campaign ads.

- Barack keeps the corporate tax rate at 35%; Second highest rate in the world, driving jobs over seas.

- Continued dependence on foreign oil by opposing the use of our own energy resources.

Recall that John McCain voted for tax cuts at every opportunity, has never requested earmarks, and is pro life. In his tax plan, he will:

- Make the Bush tax cuts permenant
- make medical insurance portable and affordable
- increase tax deductions for individuals and families
- Reduce corporate taxes (keep jobs in America)

Most importantly, he has many years of leadership experience and he has put the freedom of Americans ahead of is own. His Vice Presidential Candidate, Governor Sarah Palin, has more leadership experience than Senators Obama and Bidden combined.

Do you want a recession followed by a depression for the next decade?

If your answer “yes” to the Obama/Reid/Pelosi vision, vote Obama, for a third party (that has no chance of winning) or stay home.

If your answer is no higher taxes and big government and yes to job growth, vote McCain/Palin.