Thursday, February 26, 2015

F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules GOP Caves - Letter to Representative

My letter to my representative with my thoughts on net neutrality and the US Congress.  Fell free to copy and send it to your representative.

Dear Representative Buchanan.

What is going on?  Net Neutrality is another Orwellian move by government to control yet another facet of American life and is completely unnecessary.  Accessing the internet using private businesses has worked nearly perfectly - with competition setting the speed and costs.

One excuse for this takeover as reported by the news is to prevent a company, such as Verizon, from monopolizing the infrastructure.  This is total nonsense as market pressure and the law as it already exists would prevent such a thing from happening.  When government takes control we can be assured that it would take weeks or months instead of days to establish an account and a connection, as opposed to the couple of minutes it takes now. Just look at the Keystone pipeline -6 years to investigate and they are still not satisfied.  Also, we know this administration cannot comprehend internet issues as seen in their ACA rollout, and it is still not working correctly.

One has to ask, 'what is the impetus for enacting such regulations?'  The first thing that comes to mind is someone or some company with a very deep pockets is paying someone in government to make this happen for their own benefit.  I cannot think of a business that could benefit, so it must be a group such as politicians?  Democrats?  Republicans?

These rules, which no one representing me has ever voted on, will become law with Republicans showing their weakness in the face of this criminal administration. We will see another widely used commodity become too expense for average Americans, over regulated by bureaucrats who could not care less – think VA – and with oversight by those with zero intestinal fortitude.

I think it's time to elect new congresspersons.  The ones we have now are failing us at every turn.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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