Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Global Warming - Sixteen Disagree

A new article published by the Wall Street Journal says "No Need to Panic About Global Warming". The title says it all.

I cannot understand how anyone can believe that climate change is a "crisis" issue. As far as I see from easily available information, the temperature has risen less than one degree and it is projected to increase, off and on, at a snails pace for decades.

So why the panic?

I don't know. But as the 16 scientists suggest, "follow the money".

There are some (Former US VP Albert Gore and his
Chicago Climate Exchange comes to mind) who have become very wealthy selling the climate change panic through speaking fees, books, and from actually marketing methods to mitigate global warming. The US government is in such a panic that the Obama administration has sent billions of borrowed dollars ("American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or "Stimulus", includes $43 billion in tax credits, grants and loan guarantees for energy projects) into the black hole of "alternative energy"*.

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alternative energy: fuel from corn, algae, wave action, windmills, solar panels, etc. Basically energy from sources other than petroleum products. The progressives who support and make money off of green energy projects are the same people who have been railing against petroleum products for as long as I can remember.

Friday, January 27, 2012

National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis Follows Lawless Obama Administration

Anyone watching National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis' testimony on O'Reilly, along with Megyn Kelly's assessment of his testimony (National Park Service under fire for helping 'Occupy') , witnessed yet another abuse of power.

The abuse is the director's admitted inaction that unevenly enforces the law based on his classification of groups of people or due to their purpose.

It seems to work like this: If you are merely camping he will give you the boot. But if you are a member of a protest group, then he cannot burden your First Amendment free speech rights. Nonsense! The bottom line is that it is against the law to camp in national forests where it has been specifically prohibited.

I am not sure if it was his decision or if he was hold to allow the protesters to camp there from on high. Either way, it is wrong.

This is illegal, of course. Under the 14th Amendment, law enforcement does not have the discretion to overlook violations of the law simply because they agree with the law breakers' cause. But this sort of conduct is endemic of the Obama administration (search on New Black Panthers intimidate voters).