Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GOP Can Avoid Obama Shutdown With a Simple Plan - Void the ACA Waivers

The US Congress is struggling over a continuing resolution (CR) this week.  The GOP  members in the US House want to defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while the Democrats are calling that DOA.  The result if no one gives an inch is the the federal government will technically be broke - no money to spend, when the fiscal year ends on September 30th, 2013.

Well, t heard someone called into the Bill Bennett Radio Show this morning and suggest that congress ought amend the CR by voiding the President's ACA waivers


So I let my congressional representative in on the idea and sent an email.  I suggest that anyone reading this do the same.

Here is how it went.

Dear Representative Buchanan,

The current budget continuing resolution (CR) is having difficulties being passed with the defunding of the ACA (ObamaCare).  I believe there is a better way to prevent President Obama and the Democrats in congress from shutting down the government while cracking the ACA's armor.

Add an amendment/rider to the CR that voids all of the President's ACA waivers.

Voiding the waivers would force all of those with waivers to immediately comply with ACA's requirements.  This plan has the additional benefit of putting President Obama and Senator Reid in a position where they would have to defend the waivers.  Waivers they gave their supporters, but would not give to average Americans struggling to make ends meet. 

Those who have waivers know it's bad for people and bad for creating jobs.  When they lose the waivers, it is very likely they will no longer support the ACA , so we may find even more support for repealing it altogether.  

I believe the President's waivers are contrary to the equal treatment requirements the US Constitution and are a violation of his oath of office. So eliminating them is only the right thing to do.  We know that politicians who support the waivers are merely providing cover for the ACA’s failings and are probably in violation of their oath of office as well.

I urge you to use this idea to help the American people get away from the looming specter of ACA ruining our health care system.

Thank you for your support