Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Daily Kos - Cannot Handle Nor Tolerate Different Viewpoints - Especially If Those Views Are True.

In January, 2014, I decided to help the folks who read and comment on stories posted at the Daily Kos (herein referred to simply as "Kos"), but it is to be no more.  I quickly found that this progressive diary/forum/news out cannot tolerate views that differ from their training.

It took only 37 posts for me to be to be banned from posting comments at the Kos.

I would believe that being banned would require such untoward behavior such as calling people names, swearing, posting libelous remarks, being a jerk or being just plain rude.  Of course in our enlightened times, there are many who believe that anyone who disagrees with them are rude or obnoxious, and are most likely stupid, superstitious, backwards and other labels that may or may not apply. The worst being "conservative" (followed closely by "Republican").

So what pushed the mods at the Kos to ban me from posting?

The very last post is unavailable at the Kos.  If you look at the list of my posts you will see this message when clicking on any of the last 3 posts.
If this error doesn't make sense to you, please submit this error message to the helpdesk.Can't call method "comment_url" on an undefined value at /www/dk4-perl/current/lib/ScoopDK/Controller/Comment.pm line 150."
By the way, as an indication of how the brain trust at the Kos works, the last post, submitted on March 4th, is numbered "1" by the Kos, and my first post, submitted on January 1st, 2014, is numbered "37".

My next visit the Kos showed the "comment" button missing.  I sent a message to the mods and received notice that I'd been Banned.

I tried to see if I had posted anything that was actually rude or insulting, but I don't believe I posted any.

Well maybe this one because it was "Condemned for all eternity"

Here are some examples of my posts... and maybe a response.

Kos article: "Did Speaker Boehner just issue an impeachment threat over executive orders?"

My response:
Threaten? A bit late forthat. (0+ / 0-)We will just have to wait him out.This president started violating his oath of office from the starting gate when gave trillions to his supporters on wall Street while jetting off for date nights with the misses and letting the middle class lose their jobs, homes, and savings. 47 trillion latter and he is still in the jobs hole by over a million.by Mover on Sun Feb 02, 2014 at 11:08:49 AM PST

Note: It should read 4.7, not 47, in the last sentence.

Does that response imply anything other than an opposing opinion?  While I'm sure partisans on the left do not like their heroes being labeled as uncaring lawless supporters of the one percent, I don't see any vitriol in it.  Besides it happens to be true.

The truth, something Charles Krauthammer describes the Obama administration as having "an arms length relationship with". (Here)

A post in response to the article titled "Sociopathic stance on Obamacare would be fatal to GOP if successful"

My response, starting with quoting a line from the "diary":
    Sociopaths? Look to Washington (1+ / 0-)"Opponents of Obamacare seeking repeal and using fallacies to mislead Americans into supporting repeal can only be considered sociopaths."Wouldn't it be labeled sociopathic to blindly support a program that you can actually see hurting people?  Wouldn't it be sociopathic to see the harm and then deny it?"They are knowingly asking Americans to be "a weapon in a war against themselves."That would be a good point if it were true.  Here are some other considerations for the "Americans harming themselves' label.Allowing government free reign to selectively comply with the law.  To allow their friends and supporters a waiver for government programs they know are super expensive, such as ACA. How about encouraging our government in reduce our military strength in a time when the world is becoming more dangerous?  We have 11 aircraft carriers and only two at sea.  We have none to send to help the Ukraine as a bargaining chip.  The fact is we have no chips.You might enjoy this one.  When the government bailed out the Wall Street Fat-cats, those fat-cats kept their homes, their savings and their jobs - some even got bonuses, while millions of your neighbors lost their homes, their jobs, and their savings.  To add insult to injury, the government gave those same fat-cats those homes to sell again while allowing them to keep all equity and payments made by the families that were paying for them.   And while we're being insulted, the government is actually borrowing money from China and printing money to pay the those same fat-cats when they agree to refinance a home in foreclosure.  Question" How much money can the Obama Administration possibly give to the 1% at our expense?by Mover on Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 01:29:14 PM PST

Along with the typical response to my comment.
o     This guy is a RW troll. (7+ / 0-)Please look at his other comments.by jqb on Tue Mar 04, 2014 at 03:03:24 AM PST

Looking at the "scoring", Mine had one up-vote, while jqb gets 7 for labeling me as a "RW troll".

I say typical because this is the type of response conservatives, or anyone with a different perspective, will receive from Progresses and liberals. This can be seen in the media, who I label the "legacy media", because they support the Progressive agenda.

All of my posts, with the exception of those the Kos decided were unfit for human eyes (condemned) can be seen at the Kos, under the comment by me at this link.  If you think I should have been banned, let me know why.  I have always been open to suggestions.