Monday, October 26, 2009

Hypocrisy of the Left

We have been hearing the tired old tale from the left about grass roots political movements they claim are really organized the power players and pundits of the political right. So these political machinations must be a horrible thing to engage in.

Surprise! The Left, organized and led by White House insiders are now using their power for "Organizing for America". They are cruising around the country looking for and publishing stories from a few unfortunate souls they find in an effort to sell health care reform.

Isn't this a bit hypocritical? The whining and inventing of story lines claiming that the Tea Party movement and other anti-ObamaCare rallies are the product of a duped populace by high powered GOP'ers, while they flagrantly and proudly participate in that very same behavior?

And while they are at it, they (again) will not add any factual interpretation of the HR 3200, the Baucus bill or any any other iterations of there legislation's consequences. They can only use the politics of personal destruction (which the left invented) to abuse and brow beat opponents of their causes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

President Obama Signs on to UN Censorship

USA Today's Jonathan Turley notes on his blog that we, the USA, through the current administration, have agreed to something he calls "blasphemy laws", saying
"While attracting surprisingly little attention, the Obama administration supported the effort of largely Muslim nations in the U.N. Human Rights Council* to recognize exceptions to free speech for any "negative racial and religious stereotyping." The exception was made as part of a resolution supporting free speech that passed this month, but it is the exception, not the rule that worries civil libertarians. "
It is a story worth reading, along with the references to other articles, blogs, and opinion pieces and the actions that have been taken under this sort of fear (of Muslims) UN regulation.

This sort of censorship is a very bad thing. And not because it mostly supports Islamic fundamentalism (another bad thing). But because it is yet another step in demonizing, or even criminalizing, personal beliefs.

In a sort of backwards way, Mr. Turley reveals part of the administrations true intent by including among his examples, an incident where...
"In Canada, the Alberta human rights commission punished the Rev. Stephen Boission and the Concerned Christian Coalition for anti-gay speech, not only awarding damages but also censuring future speech that the commission deems inappropriate."
Since homosexuality is not a religion, how is it "blasphemous" for a Canadian minister to write a letter to the editor conveying his religious beliefs by highlighting the church's position on the homosexual agenda. (National Review Online) (Read the decision here)

The last time I looked, homosexuality was not a religion.

Mr. Turley summarizes with...
"However, the fear is that, when speech becomes sacrilegious, only the religious will have true free speech."
That may not be accurate when you consider that in the case (above) as the religious belief is being punished.

So, it isn't so much about censoring so called blasphemous speech against religion. It is about censoring speech that any particular group or individual determines is unacceptable. Commonly known as the exact opposite of free speech.

The sad part is that the Obama administration supports such un-American censorship. It lets you know that the "Real change you can believe in" has little to do with the American way of life.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Wants the Public Option wants a public health care option. They have enlisted actress Heather Graham to sell the public option (PO) to Americans. It depicts Ms. Graham as a sprinter and the private sector insurance (Big Health Care) as a bunch of fat n' happy lallygagers, filling up on donuts at our expense. The race starts and Ms. Graham pulls ahead but Big Health Care (BHC) catches up after a while. I interpret this to mean that with the the public option, BHC will adjust down to the new premium rates imposed by big government (BG).

While the PO may be preparing for a race, it will be a race to the death of private sector health insurance and a sprint to national bankruptcy.

As Dennis Miller said many years ago (paraphrasing here), "there comes a time when these countries, such as China, say 'wait a minute, what about that other $100 billion you owe us. We gotta have something, my friend."

Of course that will not happen. What will happen is BHC will die a quick death, as Moveon, Democrats in government and the legacy media want to happen in favor of a European style single payer system.

In the video they also want us to know that 70% of Americans also want to be PO'd. Of course that is misleading in a big way.

An October 23rd, 2009, Rasmussan poll shows,
"Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters nationwide say that passing no health care reform bill this year would be better than passing the plan currently working its way through Congress." (which includes being PO'd)
But lying is a trait that liberals admire. (See Clinton, William, US President)

Rasmussan also points out,
"One reason that Democrats have been careful to distinguish between their reform plan and a single-payer system is that just 32% favor single-payer health care while 57% are opposed."
Honesty can't win it for them.

Once again, is barking up the socialist tree and using lies and distractions to move their agenda on. Another reason to oppose being PO'd and another reason to disregard this commercial.

The video...