Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obama to Trash Military Health Care: letter to My US Representative.

This a copy of the email I sent my Representative today.

Dear Representative Buchanan.

I am writing to urge you to stop the Obama administration from trashing TriCare Prime. It looks as though this administration is going to balance the budget on the backs of active duty service persons and veterans by increasing the premiums over 400%, while leaving unionized federal workers untouched.

This is completely unacceptable. Veterans such as myself were promised healthcare for life upon retirement from military service. Instead, we pay for health care insurance through the TriCare program. And even this will get converted to Medicare at age 65.

To be clear, TriCare is not a hand out or even a hand up. It is an benefit earned after a lifetime of sacrifice that helps veterans and our families survive in this economy.

I would not complain about the current premium because it is very affordable when compared to other insurance programs. But, raising the premiums will be another slap in the face of those men and women who make the American way of life possible.

If the premiums are raised four or more times the current amount then what did government's contract with the troops mean? To me it means another failure of government to abide by its obligations to its citizens and their families in favor of political expediency. This all goes to the integrity of our government and how it values service to our country.

Again, I urge you to stand up to this President's misguided budget machinations and keep the promise to our veterans.

More information at: http://freebeacon.com/trashing-tricare/

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

First Sergeant
US Army, Retired

PS I will get back to you again before I turn 65 years old. My TriCare premiums are due to go up over 500% when Medicare takes over.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chevy Captiva: Return of the Saturn Vue?

I spotted this on the way home Fridayand said, "What?" It looked like a Saturn Vue, but was badged as a Chevrolet with the familiar Chevy bow tie and a nameplate identifying it as a Captiva.

The North American production of all Saturn models was shutdown by the Obama Administration as part of the government's directed bankruptcy of General Motors.

With a quick search found a story about the 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport. A press release is posted there and I learned that it is imported
"to help satisfy growing demand for compact crossovers by fleet customers."

President Obama, and Congressional Democrats, decided in 2009 that GM was over invested in a multitude of divisions and products, and especially in SUV's and Trucks. GM was then ordered to divest themselves of Pontiac, SAAB, Hummer, and Saturn. Of course when the dust settled, GM had to let go over 100,000 employees. This was all part of Mr. Obama's job creation agenda. Focusing on the Saturn Vue, it appears that mistakes were made.

Since now we are importing SUV's that used to be manufactured in this country, I just have to ask: How did this promote job creation and help the economy in this country?

Mr. President?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ya Can't Fix Stupid*

Well this will be fun. I believe I will try to post any stupid I hear in the news, and if I have time, recall and research some some from the past and list them here.

Where to start.... How about here.

Today I learned that "PETA Sues SeaWorld for Violating Orcas' Constitutional Rights".

This one is stupid on many levels, but the most obvious comes from the US Constitution's first ten amendments, where it never once mentions any animals, finned or otherwise. PETA decision makers don't seem to understand the meaning of the term "constitutionally protected" and "inalienable rights". As I often tell people who invent some newly imagined protected right, they should put the idea out there, get support for it, and then get the US Congress to adopt a constitutional amendment to include their preference, and then put it to the state legislatures. If it passes then Hurray for you. We know it can be done as pigs have constitutionally protected rights in Florida.


* comedian Ron White