Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Close GITMO?

Because the mushbrains said to. Or, it could be another calculated risk by the Democrat leadership to cause another crisis for the purposes of "fixing" it for their next reelection campaign.

Really, there is no genuinely good reason to close the US Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), while there are many reasons to keep it. Our politicians who have pledged to close the detention facility are doing so at the direction of leftists who cannot fathom the necessity for this type of installation. These people have no real world expertise or common sense when it comes to anything they perceive as issues that the left doesn't care for. Then there is the President, who does not understand much of anything other than self promotion and he no doubt believes he needs to appease the vocal leftists that harp on this.

So why keep it open?

The first reason is because it's being used for a good purpose. To prevent the prisoners from rejoining the battle, of course. The same reason armies take prisoners in all wars.

We are holding prisoners of war (PW) that were captured in and around the battlefield. That makes them PW's whether the previous administration wanted to call them that or not. The term "enemy combatant" amounts to the same thing with the exception that the term enemy combatant was not covered in the Geneva Conventions.

We already know that some PWs who have been released into the wild have come back to kill American troops and others.

Reasons for keeping it open and detaining PW's from the War on Terror there include:

1. It is a 'state of the art' facility. We've recently invested hundreds of millions of dollars to renovate GITMO. It is able to hold PW's and cater to their particular needs. Closing it would be more government waste.

2. Voter emotions will become worse if these PW's are released into the wild and then turn around and kill more Americans, as the terrorists have promised to do.

3. They cannot get a fair trial in US Courts, nor should they. They were rounded up either on or near the field of battle and are not read their rights, given habeas corpus, nor a phone call. Why? The same reason all prisoners of war throughout the history of the world have been held in prison camps and similar facilities. They are the enemy and have been trying to kill your people, your soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen and women. These PW's show no remorse and routinely insult, spit on, hurl feces at, and try to injure or kill, their guards at every opportunity.

4. NIMBY. There is no community in the United States that want these animals in in their neighborhood, even if confined in a prison.

5. Other countries, their own homelands do not want them back there. These guys are crazy! Would you want them around? (see number 4)

6. If you really, really feel these wild eyed manics need to be protected from those who would harm them, such as the fathers and brothers of their victims, you cannot want to put them in prisons in Afghanistan or Iraq. If you believe GITMO is bad, you should see the facilities and the guards attitudes over there.

No. The best answer for this problem is to keep them confined where they are until the war on terror is over. Most practical, non-political, Americans know this.

Finally, I'm sorry to report that the war on terror will not end anytime soon.

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