Sunday, June 14, 2009

Problem solved, Progessives' Language Barrier

Reputed comedian, Bill Maher, opines that President Obama needs to be a little less "transparent", saying,
"there's a fine line between being transparent and being overexposed. Every time you turn on the TV, there's Obama. He's getting a puppy! He's eating a cheeseburger with Joe Biden! ..."
Either Mr. Maher is being a comedian and abusing words, or he does not know the definition of the word "transparent". I think the latter. Of course we will have to learn the president's definition of transparent.

The Answers website's fourth entry defines transparent as
1. Easily seen through or detected; obvious: transparent lies.
2. Free from guile; candid or open: transparent sincerity.
That would be my definition in this context. If this is the definition the president is using, then all is well. If he has another definition, such as Mr. Maher's transparent = always visible, then we have a real problem. It's absolutely Orwellian, and there is a lot of Orwellian sound bites, policies and titles emanating from the White House.

It seems that the visibility version is the one that the president prefers. I mean, we know he has not been applying the presidential campaign version that everyone understood it to mean. But pundits aren't mentioning this so, in their act of forgiveness, they overlook these indiscretions. Virtually all of them are saying that his visibility is a large part of his leadership style. He is using his popularity and the bully pulpit to advance his agenda.

If the president had any common sense, any notion of the purpose of the US Constitution, or any idea of what made the USA and its people great, his use of the bully pulpit would be a very good thing. As it stands, he has been working diligently to stay popular while bankrupting the country and all of those reliable old ideals that made it great.

Bill Maher has one thing right.
"I don't want my president to be a TV star: Because TV stars are too worried about being popular -- and too concerned with getting renewed."
This is why Barry will fail to be a great president and may even end up as the one that destroys the country. Much like President Clinton, he would much rather be president than do anything as president. So he does what the lobbyists, contributors and what his adoring media want to see from him.

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