Friday, December 11, 2009

Get Health Reform Right: Anti Reform or Anti THIS Reform.

Over at business they describe "Get Health Reform Right" (GHRR) as "an anti-reform group" in their article lambasting GHRR's method for gathering information. But that type of Orwellian speech has become common place in this government.

Wouldn't it be more accurate to describe them as "an anti-this reform group". I think so.

As for GHRR's methods, internet game money for taking a poll, it doesn't seem unreasonable to me when considering all the lobbyists and big money that is going into passing the damn thing (Obamacare). The thing that 70% of polled Americans are against. GHRR method doesn't cost anyone.

I am for reform, but specifically not this reform, and I fail to understand how anyone who has looked at any of it could support it in any way.

Here is what the current health care reform in the US congress does not do:

1. No tort reform (thank you lawyer lobby)

2. No income tax deductions for medical insurance (just the opposite)

3. No expanded area coverage to increase competition.

4. Does not lower insurance premiums.

5. Does not cover over 30 million uninsured. (the advertised target of reform*)

What it does do:

1. It cuts reimbursements to Medicare contracted doctors.

2. It adds a new income tax as a penalty for not acting the way the central government wants you to act.

3. This "reform" raises the before-you-can-claim-it deduction from 7.5% to 10%. Currently you can only claim medical expenses that are over 7.5% of your AGI (adjusted gross income).

5. Increases premiums for those who pay for their own insurance.

6. Influences employers to drop coverage.

7. Makes millions more Americans dependent on government instead of themselves.

Keeps the poor poor.

8. Stifles medical innovation.

9. Reduces the number of medical personnel per patient.

10 Slashes Medicare and Medicaid (except Medicaid in Louisiana and Nebraska).

11. Lowers the value of the US dollar thus making those products that Americans need, such as food, housing, clothing and transportation, more expensive and less affordable to lower and middle income Americans.

This healthcare reform is about bankrupting the middle class for generations to come in order to make them more dependent on the political class. The political class that promises to keep the "freebies"** coming.

*Much like TARP that was advertised as help for Americans to keep their homes and their retirement accounts, but did none of that. It only helped politicians and the CEOs that support them, the so-called "stimulus package" that did nothing for anyone except politicians and the Unions that support them, and Auto industry bailouts hat did nothing for anyone except politicians and the Unions that support them, the current US House and Senate Health care reform bills will do nothing for anyone other than politicians and the CEOs, unions, Big Pharma, and Big Insurance that support them (with lots of dollars). All the while it's going to cost you a fortune.

** More Orwell: There is nothing free about these "freebies". They will cost you your freedom, your earnings and your ability to make choices to guide your own life and those of your children.

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