Thursday, January 7, 2010

NPR: Learn To Speak Tea Bag

Mark Fiore of creates juvenile, uninformed, flash cartoons. Some his most popular include "Gun Crazy", and Gringo Guns, has a created another flash cartoon, titled "Learn To Speak Tea Bag", that reveals the sense of humor and intelligence level of Progressives everywhere. Its title implies that it is going to teach Progressives to understand what Tea Party protesters, fondly referred to as "Tea Baggers", are saying.

One of the first lines in the 'toon, shows a poor schlub trying to handle the big words like "health insurance reform", "negotiate drug prices", "expense caps" and "public option". Our poor schlub tries to discuss the public option and degrades quickly into his apparent last resort, "socialist". He tries other complicated topics and falls into "socialist" again. The poor sapp, eh? Funny, eh?

Maybe not.

The cartoon relies on the Democrat strategy of attempting to marginalize and devalue a sector of the electorate that does not agree with their ideas. And, since they have no solid evidence or history to back their expensive hair-brained schemes, they must rely on lies, redirecting attention and emotion to get any support at all.

NPR decided it would be a good idea to give Mr. Fiore a soapbox on their website. But Mr. Fiore's opinion piece struck my funny bone. Why funny? Read it. He is blowing his own horn in the third person. It's as if he's referring to some other person as a "guru". Too funny.

Small note: I wonder if the president was referring to the Tea Party protesters (T PP) when he said people were getting upset a "pee peeing on everything".

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