Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Give the Pesident a Chance: Been There, Done That

Interested commentators at the Huffington Post seen to believe that opposition to the president is based in racism. One comment reads,

Sorry Lady, but that is simply ridiculous. Nobody I know is concerned about the race of the president. It is only liberals, progressives and Democrat partisans who are fixated on race and use accusations of racism to stifle opposition.

It's not working.

President Obama has been given a chance. But after two full years we see that he lacks leadership with his wait-and-see MO, recklessly spends "hope dollars" on special interests and corporate welfare, disregards centuries of accepted contract law, and is bankrupting the country. Some of the terms used to describe his actions such as "feckless", "inexperienced", and "serial flip-flopper", have surfaced recently. His Orwellian speeches, saying one thing after doing the opposite, emphasis this perception.

Additionally, he doesn't seem to care that Americans, especially those on fixed incomes (Social security & Disability recipients are suffering under his two year COLA freeze), along with his dollar devaluation (due to unprecedented borrowing), the 50% increase in fuel prices at the pump over that last year that forces prices up on everything (especially food), and the loss of millions of family homes that could have been prevented (and would have cut the recession short). Instead he prolongs the jobless situation.

We can only assume that his advisers believe that people who want to "give him a chance" will forget all this if the economy picks up despite his actions by November 2012.

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