Sunday, June 12, 2011

GOP Presidential Candidate Huntsman - Not

I was headed to the grocery store this past Saturday when I heard presidential candidate Governor John Huntsman indicate that he supports banning so-called assault weapons on the Hugh Hewitt radio show. I'm sure this will revelation will have an effect on his NRA + A rating.

Of course, the Governor has sent an email to Mr. Hewitt claiming he misunderstood the question.


If he misunderstood the question, then he has no business being President of The United States. I believe over the past three years we have experienced what happens when a president hasn't understood questions. I.e., massive new debt, prolonged high unemployment, programs that depress the job markets and no indication that he has learned anything since taking office.

That question was followed with a question on the Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Clinton in 1996. His answer was ambiguous while registering his support for same-sex civil unions.

I don't recall the the exact quote, if a candidate mostly sees the government the way you do, vote for him/her. If not, vote for someone else. My hope is that this guy does not win the GOP nomination. Voting for him could be difficult.

What do you think?

Hugh Hewitt show transcript excerpt (from his blog):
HH: Would you veto an assault weapons ban?

JH: I would not veto an assault weapons ban.

HH: Would you veto repeal of the Defense Of Marriage Act?

JH: I personally am for civil unions. I don’t think we do an adequate job when it comes to equality at that level. I am for traditional marriage. I would have to look carefully at the language.

The Governor's assault weapon correction is posted on Hugh Hewitt's blog.

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