Sunday, July 3, 2011

Insidious New Gun Control Commercial - Because the Truth Doesn't Work

I saw an amazing anti-American gun control advertisement on TV. It featured terrorist spokesperson Adam Gadahn, an American-born member of Al Qaeda, urging fellow terrorists to buy fully automatic weapons without background checks at gun shows in America.

Of course that is complete nonsense. The terrorist, targeting English speaking people, does not know what he's talking about, but that's OK with the 550 US city mayors* who produced the advertisement. (less than 6 percent US city mayors).

A disclaimer near the end of the video proves the lie of the spoken words.
"Terror suspects can buy semi-automatic assault rifles from private sellers with no background check"
Truth is the first casualty in the Progressive war on American freedoms and this ad proves it. The lie here is designed to gain support for changing the lefts imagined "gun show Loophole". The ad lays that out.

FYI: It has been unlawful to purchase an automatic weapon in the USA without a BAFT permit since 1934 and the NRA supported background checks have been required at gun shows since 1994

The video

*NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, co-chairs of the 550-member Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition gun control production. This should finally prove to any doubters that hizzonor Michael Bloomberg embodies the term RINO.

If you are going to contact your representative in congress, be sure to tell them that you support the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and that sworn (or affirmed) government officials who willfully and intentionally violate their oath of office should be removed from office.

Read more about it at the NRA

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