Sunday, August 5, 2012

News Corpse Chronicling Media decay -Limited Edtition

I just found News Corpse, a website that is "The Internet's Chronicle of Media Decay", according to them.  But it only took a moment to deduce that it is dedicated to slandering News Corp., their Fox News Channel and conservative values in particular.  


I googled for info on Dr. Keith Ablow; who had I just heard on Fox & Friends. One of the first results was News Corpse's post critisizing Dr. Ablow, a contributor on Fox News who "Mark" characterizes as

"a member of the Fox News Medical “A” Team, keeps showing up on Fox properties dispensing the most absurd opinions .."

Mr. Mark reads, 

"Ablow: Well, he’s seemingly unable to let go of it because I think we finally have to start taking him at his word. And you know this is a favorite theme of mine, that people want to try to find some other explanation than the obvious. The obvious explanation is that the President has contempt for that branch of government, is egocentric, and believes that any form of authority, perhaps other than that vested in himself, is untrustworthy. Particularly the longstanding authority associated with branches of government of the United States. That’s literally the most obvious explanation."

And concludes, 

"He (Dr. Ablow) has been relentlessly pushing his delusional theory that the President is acting out some sort of suppressed rage as a result of a deprived upbringing."

I suppose it doesn't matter that Dr. Ablow never suggested that the president was acting out suppressed rage or that the president had a deprived upbringing.

He complains,
"Ablow has never examined (or even met) the President,"
Well I'm not a psycho analyst, but it seems to me that aside from some labs, psycho-analysts normally observe and listen to the "patient" to make determinations and we have plenty of President Obama's videos and statements to watch and listen to.

He goes on to characterize President Obama as a kid 
"who excel academically, graduate with honors from Ivy League law schools, and enter careers in public service that lead to the White House."
It seems Mr. Mark has some secret sources that none of the rest of the media, wikileaks included, do not have: President Obama's academic record. Very good Mr. Mark.  A gold star for you.

So Mark, where does that come from?  I don't expect answers as the left does not specialize in facts. It seems to me as though Mr. Mark has a vivid imagination.

That is the thing with your average kool aid drenched Progressive:  Always short on facts and long on disparaging characterizations. I wonder if anyone believes his tripe.

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