Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oil, It's Only Common Sense

It seems everyone loves to blame oil for lots of our current problems: real and imagined.  Oil use causes global warming, funds terrorism, and pollutes our rivers, streams and air, to list a few.  But oil is the single most useful and wonderful gift from God that we have access to.

Without oil, there would be no internet, no computers, no zip lock bags, no cars, no individual freedoms, no prosperity, no medicine that wasn't mixed up by a witch doctor, no chain saws, no EMS transport to the ER, no ER, no grapes from California or Brazil, no pineapples from HI, no instant news, no record albums/tapes/CD's/DVD's, no concrete for homes, no air conditioning, no water in your home/apartment/parent's basement, no refrigerator, no electric lights, no TV, no space program, no clean air or water, and no garbage removal.  Did I leave anything out?

We can easily fix a few of oil's problems.  The biggest headache from is funding of terrorism.  The world buys oil from OPEC and it is reported that a lot of the money goes to support terrorist activities.  Since we buy oil and terrorists target this country, we should reduce the number of dollars we send to them   This is only common sense rearing its (mostly) unwanted head here.

The easiest way to reduce those dollars sent over seas is to develop our own resources here, on this continent. Of course those who believe they are smarter than the rest will insist that drilling and mining will ruin our environment.  But these same people make lavish use of oil products and byproducts themselves, so the only reason I can think of for them not wanting to harvest our resources is the old 'not in my back yard' syndrome that is very popular, but mentioned little, in this country.

Those people should be ignored to the point of shunning and we should drive ahead with using our own resources.  If we put enough oil on the market, we will be getting those dollars instead of our friends overseas and we can then have a hand in what groups can dip their hands in the money pot.

It only makes common sense.

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