Friday, March 22, 2013

What Would Mohammed Do?

OK, so, you want to learn, or teach, multiculturalism   Is it appropriate to disparage someone's religion in a government run university?

A local CBS news outlet in Miami is reporting that a student was suspended for refusing to disparage Jesus.  Apparently the worldly professor instructed students to write the name Jesus and a piece of paper and then stepping on it.  Ryan Rotella, described as a "a deeply religious Mormon", refused to play, claiming:
"Anytime you stomp on something it shows that you believe that something has no value. So if you were to stomp on the word Jesus, it says that the word has no value,” *
CBS reports that FAU responded, saying:
"Faculty and students at academic institutions pursue knowledge and engage in open discourse. While at times the topics discussed may be sensitive, a university environment is a venue for such dialogue and debate.” *
 OK, but this "exercise" doesn't demonstrate a complete lack of respect for someone's religious beliefs?  Did he follow on with the exercise writing "Buddha" on it?  "Mohammed"?   I will bet the answer is "no", as in "no freakin' way". Because, you know, it's OK to stomp on Christian icons, but not others. Everyone knows the Christians will not declare a Jihad against you and hunt you and your family down and then torture and murder you all for slighting their icon.

It just makes you wonder how cowardly and mushbrained you'd have to be to become a professor at a government sponsored college in America.  Just sayin'.

*from CBS news online in Miami 

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