Monday, August 24, 2015

Immagration Reform - Not

Politiciians all claim the fix to the illegal immigration problem is comprehensive immigration reform - but that is pure political nonsense.

We do not have an immigration problem, we have a law enforcement and a border control problem.

I've heard a few talking heads say this same thing.  The problem is the politicians, including the current batch of GOP Presidential candidates are keeping with the reform line - a line both parties have been repeating fior serveral decades.

In fact, in the late 1980's it was immigration reform, along with social security reform and right-sizing the income tax code, that led me to believe the political mindset is to make the voters aware of a problem, espouse ways they will fix the problem and then shelve it until the next election cycle.  Then they rehash the same problems while blaming the opposition for blocking your "efforts".  Actually fixing any problem is a double-whammy against their reelection bid.  First, they would liose two valuable tools - an issue & someone else to blame.  This would require dreaming up, or creating, new issues to talk about.

Back to immigration.

This time most are supporting closing the southern border and enforcing the law  One or two are claiming the 14th Amendment doesn't say what it says.  Beware of those guys - they, like President Obama, will not respect other laws and requirements of the US Constitution.

The real fix is to rid ourselves of politicians who can only pay lip service to the voters while accomplishing the demands of their deep pocked supporters.

We don't need immigration reform - we need political reform.

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