Sunday, February 8, 2009

President Obama needs Franken's vote'.... Now

This title, "President Obama needs Franken's vote'.... Now", is quote from a poster at the Huffington Post named 2008CaliforniaFan. He/she seems typical of the folks who hang around Huffington to express their frustration with government and politicians, but can't see that it is them, liberal/progressives supporting mush-brained elected officiaks, who are causing the problems. They voted these guys into office and keep re-electing them based on... well I just do not know.

His post expressed his concern that Obama National Debt Expansion Plan, SR 1, couldn't become law of the Minnisota Governor did not seat Al Franken now.

I had to respond, below with minor alterations, and I will add any responses it attracts.


You want the Obama Lobbyist and Democrat Payoff/Wish-list Act of 2009 to become law? Do you understand that it will do nothing for you, your family or your community? The only people this transfer of wealth will help are the politicians, their lobbyists and their rich supporters.

Think I'm wrong? Just look at the $700 Billion TARP spending. This Congress, including Obama, are the same people who put that monstrosity together. TARP handed over all that money, money we don't have, to the people that caused this recession, and with no control over its use. Then they (Obama and friends) stand back and complain about it. Obama's new bill is the same kind of payola and wish-list implimentation.

This monster will only worsen the recession. It will not "create" jobs, but it will devalue the dollar further and cause your grocery and gas bill to skyrocket. Obama has no clue about any of this; he can only do as his advisers tell him. YI: His advisers are all lobbyists.

How do you think they can up with a trillion dollars in new spending in a few short weeks? These spending plans must have been lying around, some for decades, waiting for the right moment to put them into play.

So here you have it: Popular president (for now), majority in both houses and several mush-brains in the US Senate, the legacy media in his pocket, throw in a recession and let the games begin. The perfect storm.

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