Monday, February 9, 2009

An RV in Everyone's driveway

President Obama decided to deliver his latest Doom & Gloom Report in the faces of the most unemployed people in America: Elkhart, Indiana. Their unemployment rate is 15% and a big industry in Elkhart used to be manufacturing recreational vehicles (RV). They are the self-described RV Capital of the World.

What Barack is not saying is that people who would normally be in the market for an RV are waiting to see what the economy is going to do. I certainly would need to know if I were going to be able to pay for an expensive "nice to have" product or will I be unemployed and lose everything. Maybe I should concentrate my resources on my house payment, groceries, utilities, kids clothing, etc., before adding a new monthly payment or draining my savings.

Those people are smarter than Barack Obama. He does not know how the economy works or what a responsible person will do in the face of his daily doom and gloom predictions; all of which are lies. (So much for political ethics)

Recall the election year 2000 and the first months of George W. Bush's Administration, in a recession started on President Clinton's watch. George W. Bush and company said that the economy was slowing down and was accused of "talking down the economy". I guarantee you that Candidate Bush's rhetoric couldn't hold a candle to Obama's scare tactics. And the media jumped on Bush, but you haven't heard a word of it in the legacy media this year.

The most preposterous element of this rush to spend hope dollars is that the people claiming to fix the problem, the US Senate, US House of Representatives and the White House, are the very people who caused the problems. Their failed policies and obstructions over the last 2 decades are what have brought us to this point. Why would anyone believe they will get us out of it by doing the same thing they have been doing.

Call, email and write a real letter to your senators and representatives in Washington DC and tell them you aren't buying their snake oil and to stop this nonsense before they cause long term damage to you and your family. And tell the President that his advisers are leading him in the wrong direction.

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