Saturday, July 4, 2009

Huffing on Palin

The Huffington Post, always a paragon of virtuous reporting, is dumping on Governor Sarah Palin like a gang twelve year olds slamming the new kid on the block.

As everyone in the known universe knows, yesterday Gov. Palin announced her intent to resign the Governorship of Alaska at the end of July. This has brought on an avalanche of debate on the whys and what fors of this decision. Never mind what she said, just make up what you'd like and post it at the Huff. Once written, it must be true, right? (uh, no) Bloggers at the Huffington Post are a particularly nasty as group and individually. Here is a list of Palin bashing stories where the headline makes their positions crystal clear.

Starting with Palin's Lamest Excuse, then Palin Resigns to Accept Post as Lunatic Laureate, along with: Sarah Palin -- What a Schmuck, and my favorite, Woman to Woman: Advice to Gov. Sarah Palin on Running for the Presidency in 2012. Nice people, ay?

In Palin's Lamest Excuse, John R. Bohrer says she is trying to play the part of "martyr" and "was going after all the GOP soft spots. His claim is based on her statement that she wants to save Alaska's budget from millions of dollars in ethics investigations. How ethics is a GOP soft spot is beyond me.

In recent history, I'd have to give the DNC the title in the ethics arena. Can you say "tax cheating Secretary of the US Treasury"? Can you say lobbyists "won't work in my White House" ? Can you say "no tax increase on Americans making under $250K"? ("the bill would slap the equivalent of a $4,609 tax on a family of four by 2035".)

OK, talk to me about ethics Mr. Bohrer.

Then there is Palin Resigns to Accept Post as Lunatic Laureate, where Evan Handler imparts his wisdom. His argument is that the Governor was "having fun all the while insisting they're doing it for someone else's benefit".

He goes on to say, "It's easy to criticize, I know. But today I feel qualified. Because this is the identical excuse I gave to every girlfriend I broke up with in my twenties and thirties."

OK, I see. Due to your confessed lying and, well, everyone is just like you. Because, you know, you are not a lunatic, are you?

I don't know if she ran for governor for "fun" or not, but I cannot read minds. Apparently Mr. Handler can.

Hey, Mr. Handler. Has the CIA approached you use your special powers?

Ah, Ms. Krautter with, Sarah Palin -- What a Schmuck, who says, "If I were a citizen of Alaska, and especially if I had voted for her, I'd be pissed off."

You would? I always find it a little surprising when liberals advise conservatives to be wary of "this flighty fowl from above the 48th parallel". Yes, yes, we will be wary of what: Sarah Palin? Or should we be wary of liberals who want to help conservatives? I pick door number two.

In Woman to Woman: Advice to Gov. Sarah Palin on Running for the Presidency in 2012, Sophia A. Nelson describes herself as a "lifelong moderate-centrist Republican woman" and she has some advice for Governor Palin. Ms. Nelson knows about these things because she is "someone who has followed politics for the past 20 years or so." She "can tell you it (Gov. Palin's reason for resigning) is a "bogus" statement which is simply code for "I'm running for president."

After portraying the governor as a liar, Ms. Nelson wants to help her run for president. (go figure) She, being the friendly sort of 'moderate centrist Republican, just wants "offer the soon-to-be former governor and presumed GOP nominee hopeful in 2012 some unsolicited, but hopefully useful political counsel:"

That's right, I'm questioning her motives. And why not? Isn't she a self proclaimed lifelong moderate-centrist Republican, who just happens to support the wildly left leaning Huffington Post? Just reading a few of these hit pieces reveals that you'd be hard pressed to find anyone Huffing around who sincerely cares about Sarah Palin, her family or her future in national politics.

Anyway, some of her friendly advice.

1. "Surround yourself with political advisors who have real life experience"

Uh maybe not. Current politicians and their advisors are nothing more than marketing agents who will spin any truth to promote themselves. Gov. Palin represents a welcome change to the norm in national politics.

My sincere advice to the Governor would be to stay away form these empire builders at all costs. They are exactly why Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008. Avergae moderate-centrist Republicans wabt people who represent us. Most of our current batch of public servants are serving the publics earnings to themselves.

2. "Reach out to the bigger GOP tent"

I'm afraid we all will have to battle the legacy media and leftists, such as those who linger around the Huffington Post, to broaden party appeal. The reason is that according to those sources all Republicans are right wing religious extremists who want to grab your benefits and make it an offering to their rich friends.

Be confident in the fact that most Americans live their lives as conservatives, are "moderate" in all political issues and want a real person to lead them, not some empty suit of a cardboard commercial.

3. "Build coalitions." Well, one in a row. She says, Palin cannot get the nomination "as the 'old boys' do it."

No kidding. Governor Plain became Mayor, governor, and nominated for McCain's VP by going outside the good old boys system.

4. "Take time to learn and educate yourself about world affairs -- go get a degree from the Kennedy School of Government"

Do you mean the way VP Joe "McGaff" Biden has? Or maybe President Obama? Well, that's not going to work unless the legacy media is fawning over you or your running mate. Mr. Biden may have many years of experience on foreign relations committees, but from what I've seen, he didn't learn very much. Moreover, the President had even less foreign affairs experience than Governor Palin. In fact, Mr. Obama had no experience at anything other than Teleprompter 101 and Advanced Teleprompter. Even the President's earned degree constitutional law seems to be a long lost memory to him.

5. "Be a woman of conviction."

This helpful hint reveals a very large gap in Ms. Nelson's understanding of the Sarah Palin the rest of America has met. I'm shocked and amazed that anyone would even suggest that to her. She is the one giving other politicians lessons on advancing themselves by sticking to her principles. Her principles are what brought her to the national scene. I would go so far as to say that if more Republicans stuck to their conservative principles, they would not be the minority party today.

Finally, as for the actual reason why Governor Palin announced her resignation, only she knows for sure. But what her actions have revealed is the rabid fear of the perception of honest and selfless public servants that the left in America harbor. So much so that they cannot help but try to drag down anyone who they perceive as having these traits. Governor Palin is just the most recent target in a long line of personal assassinations delusional leftists.

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