Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Send in the Clowns; Never mind They’re Here

Well don’t that beat all? Al Franken, former comedian and hate spewing liberal ex-talk radio failure, has been awarded a US Senate seat by the Minnesota State Supreme Court after eight months of recounts and court challenges between Mr. Franken and incumbent Senator Norm Coleman.

Originally, Mr. Franken lost the election by about 350 votes or so, and then demanded a recount. They recounted and recounted until he had the lead by 300 or so votes.

Close enough: Take ‘em to court.

In court we learned that Mr. Franken’s cronies had many absentee votes rejected due to what they call improperly filled out forms. This would include voted from service persons serving in combat zones and registered voters who file absentee because they cannot get to the polls on Election Day.

Democrats take full advantage of this very important feature of election law. They know that they can take congressional seats by whining & crying, complaining & filing lawsuits, and making sure everyone knows how badly they are treated. Treated badly mostly by those people who insist that voters are legal voters and that all the legal votes get counted. Commonly referred to as either Republicans or conservatives.

Minnesota is the state that gave us Governor Jesse Ventura in 1998, so it's no surprise that this vote, between a moderate Republican and a whacked out self-serving ex-comedian would be so close. I believe I'll check around and see how many novelty toy factories are in Minnesota as well.

After getting past the lunacy of that whole circus, you find that now, the economy crushing liberal left now have a super majority in the US Senate. This may mean that there is very little to prevent Democrats in congress and the White House from bankrupting the entire country, government, private industry, and individual Americans in record time.

By the way: The state bird of Minnesota is the Common Loon. Go figure

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