Friday, August 7, 2009

Facts are Stubborn Things: Update

In my last post concerning the White House's attempts to revise the Obama historical quotes, Facts are Stubborn Things, I showed the Obama single payer video, the White House response and the other tactic they want to employ:

Snitching on your fellow Americans.

Well, I had some thoughts on this during my drive home from work yesterday. So, believing that I am rather patriotic, I went ahead and reported myself to the White House for daring to disagree with their health care policies and the government owned solution to the health care shortcomings.

Here is What I wrote.

Subject: Fishy Web Sites

Dear Ms. DeParle,

I would like to report these two web sites. The author seems to be adamantly opposed to the President's healthcare reforms and is spreading his version of the truth.

Move It Right
Dear Mr. President Letters

I hope this helps and thank you for your support.

PS: I would like to thank Michelle Malkin ("Who's Behind The Internet Snitch Brigade?") for providing the name of the official in charge of this thing.

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