Saturday, August 29, 2009

The problem with the Health Care Debate: GOP Getting it Wrong... Again

There is a real problem for Republicans who are against "Health Care Reform".

The problem?

They are saying "health care reform" when discussing the Obama/Pelosi health care reform bill (HR 3200). This sends the message that the GOP, conservatives, grass roots protesters, and conservative talk radio are against reforming health care in America. I believe this to be false and that the legacy media and Democrats who support ObamaCare are benefiting from this confusion.

The term they should be using for ObamaCare is closer to "government health care", or "nationalized medicine", "competition killer", or "expanded government nanny state" when describing HR 3200.

Why? Simply because the characterization of Republicans and average Americans being against "reform" is ludicrous. Everyone wants health care to be less expensive and more available to the poor. The problem with HR 3200 and the debate about it is that includes nothing that would reduce the cost of health care. Instead, it has pages and pages of requirements that will only make it more expensive.

Somehow, I believe the Democratic politicians want it that way.

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