Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Governor Crist: An Open Letter

Dear Governor Crist,

I was very disappointed to see the tricks you are playing to grab Senator Martinez's U.S. Senate seat for yourself. I can only believe that self-promotion is and always has been the motivating factor for your campaign and election to Governor of our great state and for appointing an unknown to the the vacated seat. Even though I know very little about George LeMieux, I'm sure he is just a "placeholder" for you as the Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday.

FYI: The US Congress has created an economic crisis in the great state of Florida and elsewhere. This state needs a governor who is dedicated to helping his/her state, as opposed to someone who is in it for their own self-aggrandizement. Your conniving move shows that your attention is focused elsewhere and not on the betterment of Florida. If you had cared about Florida as much as you care about yourself, you would have taken the high rode and appointed a well known Republican who might have a chance at keeping the senate seat. Then you would follow up by running against Senator Bill Nelson in 2012.

Although I am a registered Republican and voted for you for governor, I'm afraid you have received the your last vote from me. I would go so far as to say that if Senator Reid, Nevada's Mr. Doom & Gloom (who is going to lose in Nevada in 2010), were to establish Florida residency and campaign for Senator Martinez's senate seat, I would vote for him over you for the sole purpose of moving you out of public office.

With any luck, you will lose your Senate bid and in doing so, lose your governorship as well.

Tell us Governor, will you be appointing someone to as a placeholder for the governor's mansion while you're running a senate campaign?

Respectfully yours,

A Florida Voter.

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