Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Ms. Pelosi: Helping with the Public Option

The Speaker asked for help, so I offered a suggestion HERE.

And here is my suggestion. What are the odds that it will be read, let alone considered?

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

You asked for suggestions for a better plan than the Public Option. I believe I have it figured out. We can have a public option without affecting federal deficits, making it truly budget neutral. The answer is quite simple actually.

Just craft it so that the premiums, co-pays, etc., are paid for by insured. To accomplish this, you would have to hire experienced actuaries to work out cost v. risk & payouts, just as private sector insurance companies do. This would cover the costs and make the public option truly competitive. And, according to the President, competitiveness is the watch word for a public option.

Naturally, the public option health care insurance budget would have to be free of taxpayer dollars or it would no longer be competitive. Subsidizing it with tax dollars would be unfair business practices as the private sector cannot print money or force it from the general public, and we wouldn't want that. Maybe just some seed money to get it started, but other than that: Off limits.

So, I hope you like my idea and will consider it for inclusion with health care reform.

Sincerely Yours,
Feel free to copy and send this yourself.

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