Sunday, September 6, 2009

More on Health Care Reform: Competition

It seems that Team Obama's understanding of what competition is needs some real world examples. Interestingly, Senator Waxman seems to know that there are at least 52 insurance companies that provide health care insurance. We know this because Mr. Waxman send them a letter, dated August 17th, 2009, demanding payroll information from all of them.

So do we need a another insurance company to provide "competition"?

The short answer is we don't need it at all.

Common sense says that 52 companies competing against each other makes for plenty of competition. In their defense, no one has ever accused the US congress of having common sense. Besides, anyone who believes that a government program would be competitive is either ignorant of how government works or they are trying to trick everyone. Since I can't believe Obama's people are ignorant, our problem reveals itself.

FYI: None of those 52 private sector insurance companies can print their own money to cover the unintended consequences of their self-serving policies. The US government can.

See my original post, Healthcare Reform: Competition, dated 8/12/09, for more on competition.

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