Friday, April 2, 2010

Ignorant Legacy Media

Every day it becomes more and more obvious that the legacy media cannot be trusted to be truthful in their news and the opinions. The latest misinformation was published last Monday in an LA Times Op-Ed where Joe Queenan complains,
"Rush Limbaugh threatened to leave the United States if the healthcare bill passed. Well, the bill did pass, and he's still here."
I'm sorry to have to inform Mr. Queenan that Mr. Limbaugh never said that. What he and others are doing is hearing what you want to hear, or just plain lying. What he actually said was he would get his health care in Costa Rica.

How would I know the truth? Easy. Unlike our fleet of professional researchers, reporters, editors and pundits, I actually listen to the show occasionally and I heard him say it.

Imagine that. Actually knowing what you are talking about. What a concept.

He goes on to say,
"If you were going to make a threat, you were honor-bound to go through with it. Otherwise, you were merely confusing the issue."
Does that include campaign promises (threats, as I see them)? I have to wonder if he had the same opinion on President Obama's threats. You know, those campaign promises to be post-partisan and transparent among others. If Mr. Obama were honor-bound to go through with his threats, he would have insisted that a health care insurance reform bill included Republicans in the backroom bribery sessions and questioned the Democrats sneaking out of those rooms to avoid Republicans.

But in the newly emerged tradition of Democratic Party politics, he falls under George Stephanopolous' famous line after President Clinton's reelection in 1996. When asked why President Clinton did not keep his campaign promises, George Stephanopolous said,
"has kept all of the promises he intended to keep."
I expect politicians, and the legacy media (such as Mr. Queenan) who prop them up, to continue acting infallible while continuing to fail at every opportunity.

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