Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kevin Costner to Save the Gulf of Mexico

You know, a week or so ago I heard some guys on the radio making jokes about the another way to get the BP oil leak fixed. They made an unstated reference to 1995 eco-nut-job movie "Waterworld" suggesting that they send Kevin Costner. In the post global warming movie, where dry land is a long lost legend, Mr. Costner played a mutant equipped with gills who could dive deep and stay there.

That was funny. But this may not be.

It seems Mr. Costner is an environmentalist who puts his money where is mouth is and has been funding research into oil spill cleanup techniques. And he is offering a technology to help with the Gulf cleanup effort. No kidding. Read about it CBS News web site.

Kudos to Mr. Costner.

BTW: I found the movie "Waterworld" to be entertaining and funny. When I watched it the first time I knew it was written and created by a, or some, nut-jobs. In the movie we are introduced to the bad guys by Mr. Costner's character when he sees some of them coming towards his trimaran on personal water craft and mutters, "smokers".

Well, I thought the "smoker" label was referring to the fact that they were using gas powered vehicles in contrast to his wind powered trimaran. I almost coughed up a box of pop-corn when it was revealed that the bad guys weren't called "smokers" because they used machines that emit the horrible substance known as exhaust, that emits evil CO2 and 'smoke' when operated. Especially in machines that have been around for generations. You had to know that evil big oil was what was meant because this film is an environmentalist's dream come true. Shortly thereafter we learn that no, they aren't smokers because of their machines, but because they SMOKE CIGARETTES!!! All of them all of the time and no matter what they were doing. Cigarettes were used by the chief evil guy and smoker (played by the late Dennis Hopper) as prizes for an evil job well done. I didn't know that smoking was a criteria for evil, but you know.... the president smokes.

And, of course, the mother ship of the evil smokers was none other than the infamous Exxon Valdez. Go figure.

British Petroleum should invite Mr. Costner on board, eh?

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