Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NASA to Make Muslims Feel Better

Last month I wrote about President Obama's plans to remove national pride of our space agency, NASA, in "The US Space Program Loses to the Audacity of Inexperience". Now I am prompted to write more on NASA as he carries the farce further by turning it into a political tool to support his ill conceived foreign policy to ingratiate himself to the the world's Muslim community. He'd already been over there making up stories about this country then apologizing for it, as he bows to their despots.

I heard Byron York speaking about this during the second hour of Bill Bennett's radio show, "Morning in America", yesterday. You can read Mr. York's article at the Washington Examiner and you can hear Mr. Bolden's remarks to AL Jazeera TV here.

It seems Mr. Obama's NASA Director, Charles Bolden, told Aljazeera that the president,
"... wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with predominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering."
I would have to ask what, if anything the Muslims have contributed to space. But there is a time line page at Wiki that shows many legitimate contributions to science math and engineering. But I'm thinking they will contribute far less to our space program than would justify allowing them access to space technology data. As we know, Iran is developing nuclear weapons and delivery systems for them, they support terrorist activities (as do many other Muslim dominated countries). I wonder what they could use from our space program to further those ends?

On the humorous side, Bill Bennett's executive producer, Seth Leibsohn, suggests that the US space program was helped by a certain young lady from Babylon named "Jeannie", who was instrumental in furthering (according to some) NASA's Major Anthony Nelson career a few decades ago.

This is further proof that this administration is running on ideologies that only they believe are good for this country. Everyone who has an ounce of common sense and a few factual history lessons understands this to be problem.

President Obama does not want to destroy this country. He wants to reshape in a form that traditional Americans will not recognize. And abusing a few federal agencies, the states, along with massive unemployment, growing a huge national debt and lowering national security, are sacrifices he is more then willing to make. It is for your own good, you know.

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