Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Democrats Don't Have enough Political Power, Now they Want to Remove the Voters' influence.

I am on the Daily Kos' (DK) emailing list so I can see what nonsense they are up to: They never disappoint.  Today's frantic email is to drum up support for the Orwellian "Government by the People Act".

The Democratic Party and their followers (DK) have become very adept at employing Orwellian propaganda tactics.  Yes, yes, the GOP does it as well.  But they are rank amateurs when compared to the DNC's bright light of misinformation.  The "Government by the People Act" is a perfect example of their Orwellian style.  Why?  Because it will have the exact opposite effect that they are selling.

Rachel Colyer of the DK puts it this way,
"This new bill aims to shift the balance of power in Congress from big donors who can write enormous checks, back into the hands of the people by encouraging grassroots donations."
They accomplish this by increasing the need for more taxes from all of us.  The initial funding would be...
"paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes and giveaways."
So OK, we should help fund a law to reduce job creation.  Is this another Obama jobs program? (sorry, had to).
"Contributors would get a refundable “My Voice” tax credit of $25."
Will they claim that it reduces individual taxes by giving donors a $25 tax credit?  Of course.  They will bribe you $25,00 in exchange for however much you donate, that is, if  the credit becomes part of law.  But we can't know how the final bill will be until they pass it.
"Each candidate’s public funding would be capped at a certain amount,"
I wonder how much a GOP candidate's fund would be capped at as opposed to how much a Democrat's funding would be capped.  I mean, will the IRS be monitoring it?
"and there would be strict enforcement of campaign finance laws—including disclosure of all donations."
Do they even know what "strict enforcement" means?  From the actions of those who would be tasked with ensuring this law I'd have to guess that enforcement would be spotty at best and that we would see a preponderance of violators on the GOP side.

The Kos and like minded people are easy prey to this sort of talk.  We mostly know that the very wealthy get much more of what they want out of government than average Americans do and this is due to their very deep pockets when it comes to political campaigns.  But public funding is definitely not the answer.

Public funding is not good for anyone except politicians on the inside.  Public funding removes the influence of the average American voter in favor of government assigned representatives, senators and finally presidents.  It is the government who will decide who is eligible for public funds and that gives them the power to keep those who they like and prevent those who they dislike from holding office and making law.

I have a better idea for removing the undue political influence wielded by the very few.

Do not allow them to donate or promote campaigns where they cannot vote for the candidate.

Who cannot vote?

Corporations - A corporation cannot vote for obvious reasons: corporations may be groups of people, but there are no voting rights for groups: Only individuals over the the age of eighteen and who are residents in the location where the candidate is running for office can vote.

Individuals - Who are not residents of the congressional district, precinct, county, town or city, cannot vote in those elections.  They should be prevented from influencing those elections where other people, not them, are being represented.

The Chinese - The Chinese people are not residents of any precinct in the USA and so they do not have the constitutionally protected right to vote in any election in this country.  So they should not donating to presidential re-election campaigns.

Middle eastern Kings and Mullahs - That's right. Even though a few of us feel the need to bow down to them, they still cannot vote in our elections.

Let's try to get away from allowing the Orwellian political speech from influencing us to do things that are harmful to ourselves.  Public funding will only diminish the value of the individual vote.

I talk about campaign finance reform here.

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