Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Leftist Juveniles: This Is What Passes for Progressive Political Speech

I inadvertently came across a blog entitled "Nameless GenX Blog" with a post titled "The Republican Party Platform for 2012 in One Tidy PDF"*. It is interesting in its complete lack of adult intellect and factual information. Closer to a juvenile rant against all things misunderstood and regurgitated with all the honesty that can be mustered by someone who is not only a propagandist and Cool Aid swiller, but has become the Cool Aid pitcher containing all of the available pseudo-juice.

I was filled such memorable lines as, "In Republican ‘merka, freedom applies only to white, male, Fundamentalist Christians and/or Fortune 500 Corporations to whom The Bush Supreme Court® has granted human status.

This sentence holds many misconceptions and revelations. 'Merka" leads by indicating a hatred for this country (America). When people use the letter "k" in place of the "c" in America I see their attempt to marginalize this country. These folks do not like what they see here, but become tongue tied when asked to show a better model (because there is none).

He then mistakenly claims that the GOP will deny freedom to anyone who is not a Caucasian Republican like them and their rich friends. Never mind that there are more wealthy Democratic Party Congresspersons than GOP has and the GOP is the majority in the US House. Additionally, he leaves out the fact that President Obama, has rich CEO's on his list of "czars" whose corporations pay very little in taxes (GE).

The reality is the GOP and the Democratic Party both take contributions from wealthy sponsors, lobbyists and PAC's. The history is that the party in power gets the most money and this, I suspect, is why there is such warlike partisan battles going on for every elected office.

He envisions as country where everyone other than Republicans will be denied rights as listed in the Bill of Rights. Of course, there is about zero evidence to prove that idea and he doesn't even know how to describe socialist government programs. His examples of socialist government programs include...
"(roads, bridges, tunnels, military to invade sovereign countries so as to confiscate their oil, police and fire protection for their walled estates, trash removal, snow removal, food tasting, etc.)"
If he should read this I would like to point out to him that roads, bridges, tunnels (infrastructure) and the military are not socialist programs, but are specifically listed as the responsibility of the federal government in the US Constitution.

The police, fire fighters and trash removal are not listed in the US Constitution but are left to the responsibility of local governments (state, county and city).

And we as taxpayers pay for all of it.

*The Nameless GenX Blog seems to have been changed since finding the linked story.

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