Friday, November 14, 2014

The Daily Kos - Hyper-liberal

The Daily Kos has decided what is real and what isn't.  They will claim that the President never lied about ACA (ObamaCare) and Benghazi and that he and his cabinet and appointees are only trying to help Americans.  To further this meme the Kos is laced with mischaracterizations, lies, fabrications and fairy tales - all sprinkled with a generous amount of name-calling, stereotyping and hate speech.  And yet, they are the open minded ones.

Maybe not so much. Look at this.
"The conservative movement has spent years designing an alternate reality for its membership. It's a universe in which climate change isn't real, but the terrorist attack in Benghazi was a full-blown cover-up. In this universe, Mitt Romney had the 2012 presidential election in the bag, the Affordable Care Act is still a massive failure, and every single conspiracy theory about the left isn't just a theory: it is simply known, with no citations necessary. As Paul Harris wrote after his encounter with the 2013 edition of CPAC:" - Daily Kos - Dante Atkins
Let's see - Alternate reality - It seems to me that this is exactly what the left does in order to maintain their belief system and their support among voters. Further, from my perspective it looks as though they project their own mindset and activities onto those who they oppose.  They labeled themselves as liberals - an Orwellian term when applied to their political ideology as liberals are the least open minded Americans that can be found.  If you try to talk to them about any topic that they oppose they will do whatever they can to shut you up.  They will expel you from commenting on their forums if you point out any facts that contradict what they are posting and they will try to marginalize you with slurs including racism, homophobia and even deride you if you are religious.
"a universe in which climate change isn't real"
 That is the standard line from progressives whenever the topic comes up. I know of no Republican or conservative who does not believe the climate is changing.  I believe the climate is changing.  I believe it is always changing.  To be clear, the problem is not believing it's changing, the problem is that progressives do not mind bankrupting this country, using apocalyptic scare tactics with no regard to the safety and security of everyone in the country and including those in foreign countries as well, to move forward with their expensive self-serving climate change agenda.
"the terrorist attack in Benghazi was a full-blown cover-up."
The fact is it was a cover up. Highly placed Whitehouse staff, and including State Department staff, deliberately scrubbed the narrative for Benghazi and then send Ms. Rice out to the Sunday news programs, instead of the scheduled appearance by the Secretary of State - Hilary Clinton, and sold a fabrication about some video that no one ever heard of - certainly no one in Benghazi, Libya - because there was an election coming up.  A terrorist attack would destroy the administration's "Al Quaida is decimated and on the run" narrative.
"Mitt Romney had the 2012 presidential election in the bag"
With President Obama's record Romney should have - and his campaign was keeping their spirits up until election day. But again, I know of no one who was betting that he 'had it in the bag' before election day.  That is a narrative created by the left for the express purpose of discounting and deriding - just as is being done at the Kos now.
"the Affordable Care Act is still a massive failure"
It is a failure if its actual intent was to save medical dollars and make it affordable for everyone.  Here is what it was said and what happened.
- It will lower insurance premiums - Premiums increased by 30% for those who were able to sign up and could afford the payments.
- More people will ave access to healthcare - there are no more people having access to healthcare than there was before.  The Whitehouse estimate of 12 million new ACA enrollees reflects the number of people who lost their insurance plan because of ACA rules.  In fact because of the extraordinarily high deductibles and limited doctor/hospital pool the plans allow, fewer people are likely to have access to healthcare providers.

- ACA will reduce premiums $2500 per average family - Oops, it went up by that much.
- Keep your doctor - Nope.
- Keep your insurance plan - Not so much.
- Won't increase  the national debt- Sorry, the mechanism that makes it affordable is supplementing the premiums with tax dollars. And they still cannot afford it.
"every single conspiracy theory about the left isn't just a theory: it is simply known, with no citations necessary."
Hmmm.  Does Mr. Atkins  realize that he has posted his conspiracy without any citations?  BTW: using the writings of other progressives, who themselves do not demonstrate any relation to facts or reality, are not qualifiable as legitimate sources.

As for his source, Paul Harris
"This is a world where it is seriously believed that the United Nations is trying to take over the US, and Obama is a Kenyan socialist, an Islamist, a Marxist or the biological son of communist-sympathiser Frank Marshall Davis. This is a world where Obama wants to take away all guns, where he has dictatorial powers worthy of an emperor and where the US media is a liberal conspiracy pushing abortions and being gay. This is the world where Glenn Beck, former Fox TV host turned popular publisher of The Blaze website, is hugely powerful and shock jock Rush Limbaugh is king. "

 Conservatives don't believe the UN is trying to take over the US, they are trying to drain us of as much of our value as they can.  Former General Secretary Kofi Atta Annan got away with Billions (Iraqi Oil for Food program embezzling by his son, Kojo) - all sent to the UN to help manage the world.  If the UN had a take-over plan, it would be for the entire world.  They are never described as leading a country, they are described as "The World Body".

We do not believe Obama is a born Kenyan, he is a Kenyan-American, born in Hawaii.  And there is much disagreement over describing Obama's political leanings (socialist, communist, Marxist, totalitarian, etc.).  Personally, I believe he is under someone's thumb who is trying to turn this country into a totalitarian utopia where government controls every aspect of human life, where the in-crowd lives high on the hog and the rest support their comfort.

Recall President Obama saying is the congress doesn't do something he would use his pen and his phone?  What do you think that means? I do not believe President Obama has actual "dictatorial" powers.  I do believe that he believes he has such power and the authority to use it.

These are M. Harris' beliefs, but they are simply wrong, but he and they don't care.  They have their narrative and they are sticking to it. They need to demonize their opposition in order to get any support at all.  If liberal politicians weren't distracting and blaming others, their own failures would be front page news.

Oh wait - the US media, Mr. Harris rightly states, pushes abortion and homosexuality instead of reporting the deconstruction of the country's heart and purpose by self-serving Democrats and compliant Republicans.  I call them the legacy media as they have become relics of the past who no longer live up to their charter, but instead, support politics that they agree with by their silence on issues that matter and their front-paging of issues and politicians they oppose.

Oh and by the way, Rush Limbaugh is the king of talk radio and nothing else.  If he were king of the Republicans, they wouldn't be compromising with mushbrained leftists for fear of being demonized in the press.

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