Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Media Matters - The Don Quixote of Media Reporting.

I receive emails from Media Matters (MM) for America - the leftwing merry-go-round that spins the news for delicate progressive egos.

In their latest they have discovered that Fox News Channel is affiliated with multiple local television news programs and warn you to beware of conservative distortions reaching broadcast markets.

They do this with all the seriousness they can muster.
"Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes' 21st Century Fox owns and operates 28 stations in major media markets around the country. These stations might seem independent, but Fox uses them to push misinformation to viewers like you." - Media Matters
They title their plea as "Fight Misinformation On Local News", but then provide no (that's zero) misinformation coming from local Fox affiliates.  This includes the video on their web page.  They urge you to  watch and learn, but there is no there there. It shows clips of local reporters talking about a few political issues - but no partisan slant - no information at all.  MM cuts the clips short and we only hear the topic - Benghazi, etc.

They want you to join their campaign to make everyone aware that the same rich guy that owns Fox news Channel also owns these local news programs and therefore his influence must be there - if only they could find something to backup their fantasy.

Sorry MM.  Nothing to see here.  So, back to the drawing board.

Edit: More Media Matters mayhem from the honorable folks at Breitbart.com
"Trigger Warning! Media Matters Scolds Roll Out Lies For Thanksgiving"

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