Friday, December 5, 2014

Petition the EPA - Daily Kos reveals their Naivete

The Daily Kos wants everyone to "sign" their petition, Titled, "Support the EPA's first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants" (Here), to limit CO2 emissions from power plants, claiming you can actually influence policy change.


My first problem with this approach is that I see no money changing hands, so politicians and bureaucrats will most likely ignore it.

Second - when this kind of 'law' is implemented, only the wealthy and their politicians will be better off.  Just look to former VP AL Gore, who 'earned' hundreds of millions of dollars selling global warming fear.  Hard working Americans will pay more for energy, as we do now.

Third - their controls only affect American power plants and American power plants are the most efficient in the world.  Our coal fired power plants are heavily regulated already. Coal fired power plants in China have no visible pollution controls. China produces 40% of the worlds coal fired power generation about twice as much as the USA's total at 20.5% (reference).

Fourth - and probably the most important fact to remember is, that if this country does nothing more than we are already doing in the area of influencing climate change, the sea level may rise 2 to 3 feet in the next hundred years.

The question then becomes: Who does this affect?

Let's see, rising sea levels would affect coastlines, oceanfront properties, and lowlands, that would realize a loss of land mass.  So, if you own oceanfront or seaside property you may need to move it back a little - a very expensive proposition.  But, then you are probably wealthy and so I don't care if you have to build a dyke or move to higher ground.

If you live in a low land, you have no doubt experienced flooding in the past.  I know the folks who live along the Mississippi River and its many of its tributaries have. And yet you rebuild in the same place - usually demanding my tax dollars for their disaster relief.  Why do we keep paying people, essentially encouraging them, to repeat the mistakes that put them in such a bad place. I've heard them on the news being praised for their bravery when they claim they will rebuild in the same spot that was just washed down to the Gulf of Mexico. Time for some tough love, I'd say.

Everyone else will do as humans and animals have always done: adjust to the situation - dress cooler, get more efficient AC, move north, move to higher ground (except the stubborn ones - who would soon be extinct), etc.

Number five - If you sign this petition you will be on record as being a mind-numbed low-information follower of lost causes - i.e., a Kosian.

Climate change is mostly a non-issue and those who promote hamstringing the US economy - making more Americans poor so they can be rich - in order to see their dream come true are doing nothing but living in a child-like dream world where their little minds are accepted as forward thinking intellectuals - someone is watching too many Disney movies.

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