Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our President Disses Americans in Europe

President Barack Obama seems to believe that Americans have...
“shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” (Video)
or that the USA...
“failed to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world”
Is this you? I don't think so. America, and especially President Bush, has shown nothing but respect for or allies and Mr. Obama is wrong on Europe's role in the world as well.

Here we have our president apologizing for imagined wronged. Wrongs imagined by people who cannot show any specific action or speech by President George W. Bush or any American that was putting down our allies or that we do not respect Europe. They only have feelings about it and they confuse Pride with arrogance. They don't recall, or never knew, that Prime Minister Tony Blair, a European and an Ally, stood shoulder to shoulder with President Bush before Operation Iraqi Freedom

Consider this. President Bush successfully petitioned the UN for sanctions against Iraq's leader, successfully negotiated with our allies and negotiated with Saddam Hussein for 14 months before we went to war with Iraq. Recall the "Coalition of the Willing"? He even successfully motivated the US Congress, including Democrats to support the plans for Iraq . The only major hold outs were from Europe were countries who were heavily bribed by Saddam Hussein (can you say "France and Germany")

Moreover, while you are painting Americans and our former presidents as hateful and uncaring for perceived slights of Europe and our allies, remember (or learn) that President Clinton invaded Haiti without consulting anyone and he re-instituted renditions (read "torture").

I find the President's apology in Strasbourg to be exceptionally insulting to me and anyone else who understands that America has no need to apologize to Europe. We have always been honorable towards Europe and have no need to apologize in regards to our allies. We only need to be respectful and supportive of them and ourselves.

We will have to face facts: President Barack Obama does not know America's history. He does not know much more than how to promote himself, he certainly has no leadership experience and he clearly does not respect the American people. He can only read from his Orwellian speech book and try to foll voters. He blames everything that doesn't go as his supporters would prefer on someone else, notably and repeatedly any President Bush. He blames Republican for everything he is told is bad and he accuses Americans of being selfish, greedy and uncaring. He does not know how Americans are or how America and capitalism work).

Government managed on feelings and media hype instead of facts and law will undermine the American way. We see it happening now.

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