Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party: The Left Doesn't Get it

The left believe it's about tax cuts. But, it is about spending tax dollars, and printing massive amounts of hope dollars.

Then there is the MSNBC arm of America's left.

Mr. David Shuster, MSNBC comedian, tries to mock and marginalize average Americans that are fed up with the tax and spend policies at the federal level that has led to job loses, an economic turn for the worse, printing money we do not have (hope dollars) and mortgaging this country away for the express purpose of retaining their power in Washington. When I first saw this video, I thought is was a comedy routine that you might see from the Onion. Moreover, it appears that MSNBC is OK with his report.

First: Mr. Shuster, using his gutter-spawned sense of humor, is referring to the 2009 Tea Party protests, loosely based on the Boston Tea Party, as "Tea Bagging" (you can look this one up). He repeats this term often and inserts other terms, such as "nuts" to drive home his 3rd grader's point of view. And while it is worth a small laugh, it takes a lot away from his point. Things like relevance, accuracy, intelligence, decency and honesty.

It is his way of attempting to make the protesters and their actions seem to come from wacked out extremists, neanderthals, and mouth breathers (one of their favorite terms). Of course, these protesters are the people who pay those excessive taxes and can recognize the direction this country is headed: Complete collapse of capitalism, the engine of freedom, and the institution of top down hierarchy that suffers no dissent (Much like how Rep. Pelosi commands the US House).

This is the left's version of "reporting" when they recognize something that goes against their preconceived notions and/or makes their politicians look bad. It shines a bright light on their harmful and uncaring activities. All of which the Tea Party Protests accomplished yesterday.

As far as Fox News' involvement goes. They are reporting a major protest story occurring in the USA that show a turn away from what has become the norm in this country. There were no bashing of Fox News when they covered the protests against President Bush in years past, so this attitude from the left reveals their one sided and unthinking motives. Fox News did not start the movement towards tax day protests, but gave it the air time Americans deserve. Especially since the legacy media won't cover the story very much, if at all.

The legacy media and their cable outlets, such as MSNBC, are carrying the water for the left and their chosen politicians in this country. And this is why Mr. Shuster is trying to mock the protest.

So Mr. Shuster and all your friends have a laugh and mock the average Jane and Joe in America, while your chosen ones continue to represent themselves and their big dollar supporters in their effort to subjugate all others. The Democrats have revealed their hand in this poker match and the next congressional election is a mere 18 months away.

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