Monday, April 20, 2009

President Obama: Man of Peace

The problem with "men of Peace" is they have no clue on how to keep the peace.

President Obama has ordered the release of classified CIA documents detailing the CIA's interrogation methods, and claims this will make the country safer.

I ask, which country? Certainly not this country. He's informed our enemies that he is willing to sacrifice Americans' lives in order to give rights to people who do not deserve them, did not earn them, do not want them and who are desperately trying to destroy our rights. Mr. Obama may beat them to it.

If you caught the any of the Sunday "news" shows transmitted from the legacy media channels, you'd know that peace loving members of the Democratic Party still do not know how to keep the peace. Sen. Claire McCaskill on "Fox News Sunday", and Rahm 'never let a good crisis go to waste' Emanuel on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." said that releasing the CIA interrogation documents will make our country safer. They also said safer because our enemies will see that we are nice people. and not like those thugs that preceded us.

I'd like them, or anyone for that matter, to give examples of the nice people that were ever protected from their enemies in the history of this planet. Gandhi doesn't count. He was dealing with the Brits who were getting out of the old colonization business.

Unfortunately they (the Chief of staff, the Senator & the president) have never heard of OPSEC (Operations Security). I would expect that they didn't because they have never been in the military and consider the US military to be their tools. You know, being men of peace and all. But, OPSEC teaches that even when the enemy has data in their possession that is classified, one may not confirm the information by releasing it publically or any other way. Since the new president ordered its release for the purpose of inciting more Bush hate among the Obama followers, it shows his lack of the operations security guidelines and laws.

If I had ever confirmed classified information to someone who did not have a need to know when I was in the US Army, I would have been arrested, tried, convicted of treason and sent to Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Nowadays when the legacy media and the Obama Administration (not to mention Senator "leaky" Leahy) release classified information to our enemies for political gain, it is somehow a heroic act.

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