Thursday, May 7, 2009

Change Social Security. Why?

I received an email from US House Representative Vern Buchanan. He represents the district I live in and I've sent many emails to him and I recommend contacting your representative whenever you get the chance.

This one was in response to his email poll that read...

Yesterday, The Washington Post reported that Congress might consider an overhaul of Social Security due to the concern that the program’s benefits will not be sustainable over the long term.

I responded as indicated, then followed up with an email. It read...

Dear Representative Buchanan,

In reference to your request for input on changes to Social Security, I'd like to add a clarification.

I responded by answering "no changes".

If the government can print TRILLIONS of "hope Dollars" to ensure executives that donate to their causes get paid on time (TARP) and to pay for the pet projects and supporter payouts the Democrats have kept in their desk drawer until the right time came along, the government can surly print BILLIONS more to pay for Social Security.

The fact is that if government was not raiding the social security trust fund, there would be no need to make changes to it.

I hope you see my point and I thank you for your service.

That is what I think of they way government is being run these days.

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