Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Week's Big Story 17 May 2009

It's kind of hard to say which is the big story. According to the legacy media, there are lots of big stories out there. Big stories that are secondary to the real story that they just as soon tell you about after the fact.

Look over here. The President is going to Notre Dame and receive an honorary degree. What a mess that's going to be.

Look over there. The President is going to nominate a US Supreme Court Justice. The big questions are woman, minority, both?

And over there. The President is releasing CIA documents. uh, that is not so important. The NY Times has released more classified material than the pikers in the Obama administration have released. But isn't Bush bashing fun?

Don't turn away from this one. The President is going to prosecute terrorist interrogators. No wait, interrogators' lawyers. Could be important. They are lawyers, after all.

Wait look here. The President is going to release more prisoner abuse photographs. Nope, changed his mind. The big story, he's flip-flopping. Nothing new here. He's flipped on everything he campaigned on already.

Wait, Wait, Wait. The Speaker of the US House may be misleading Americans. You'd better check it out.

In the mean time....

Obama Administration and the legacy media are directing attention away from nationalized health care insurance that is being rammed through congress, quadrupled deficit spending, nationalization of banks and automobile industries, and other unsupported programs such as Cap & Trade, removing profitability from business, strong arming banks & business, and paying off supporters, such as ACORN (up to $5.2 billion in taxpayer funds). That's not to mention killing charitable non-government organizations, gun control and auto emissions.

It's all a trick. They cannot implement their agenda if attention is focused on what they are doing and understand the consequences of these real changes. They have to keep the crisis mentality alive. They don't want to waste it.

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