Friday, May 15, 2009

Pay Equity Debate Equals Class Warfare

The organization,United for a Fair Economy (UFE) is proud to advance the divisiveness of class warfare. Class warfare is a tool of the liberal left and the Democratic Party in the United States. They seem to believe that by pointing out the income differences in between CEO's and their employees is providing some sort of public service.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This organization seems to be a mouthpiece for those who cannot cope with or cannot understand the American way of life and they publish salary and bonus numbers to incite voters. And this helps no one.

Here is what they say:
"CEO Pay: We believe that the lack of pay equity in the US can be addressed by changing the rules. The better informed average workers are, the more they will be empowered to generate changes."
Their premise starts off on a positive note, but then fall into their peculiar idea of fairness. So, yes, being informed certainly is better for everyone. The question I have for them is, "why would our system need to change?"

While CEO's, executives, large and small business owners make much more than their employees in most cases, this should not be a problem, but an incentive. In fact, without our system and the risks business leaders take, the standard of living in the United States and around the world would be nothing like it is today. None of the advances in medicine, materials, and transportation would be possible. Millions people around the world would be dead, or never have been alive, if not for the work and reward system that Americans embrace.

CEO's make more because they take more risks. Employees only have to show up and do the job they contracted for. An employee's only financial risk is whether the company remains successful at the location where he/she works, and that security is a result of the leadership's expertise and commitment.

Look. If you are envious of another's wealth, that should be an incentive to do the same thing. If an employee wants make as much or more than his/her CEO, there is a very simple solution. Start your own company and take all the financial risks, the many hours of sweat equity, the learning, and abilities, and apply it to your goal. If you don't feel like you can do all that, then shut up, collect your paycheck and continue to be at the mercy of statisticians, accountants and balance sheets. With hard work, persistence and good ideas anyone in country can achieve as much success as they are willing work for. This scenario has been repeated millions of times in this country.

This is the way to become successful and wealthy in a free market system. Many politicians and organizations such as the UFE clearly do not understand this basic truth. Class warfare is used as a political tool to pedal influence. They influence millions of followers (a key word) to look to them to even out the playing field and protect them, but end up being held down, in place by those same politicians. Remember these are the same people who engineered, either by expert planning or supreme stupidity, the economic crisis this country and world are in right now. If you prefer to complain about the rich getting richer and having to work for "the man", then keep following others and looking outside yourself for help.

Our politicians have the sworn duty to make the playing field as fair as possible. They very often fall short of this while looking out for their own self interests. This is due to lobbyist approved legislation designed to give the lobbyist's employer advantage over employees and competitors. This is how we get the Enrons, the high energy costs, the S&L Crisis from the 1980s and the current economic crisis that is destroying millions of jobs.

In this country, for now at least, anyone can become whatever their own strengths, talents a perseverance allows.

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