Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Time Charlie... Crist

Florida's governor, Charlie Crist (R), has announced his intention to run for the US Senate seat being abandoned by Senator Mel Martinez (R) after this term (Reuters).

I find this news to be disturbing as Governor Crist is proving to be another poll watching politician who will sign anything that the polls indicate the majority of Florida voters support. I found the news that Sen. Martinez was quitting bothersome as well. But this move by the governor makes little political sense.

First, Governor Crist his in his first term as governor in a state that is suffering under the US Congress generated economic crisis. I would say that he has unfinished work here and just because he can easily win the seat is not sufficient reason to jump on it.

Second, if he is such a shoe-in and so popular, wouldn't he better serve the Republican Party by keeping his governorship, promoting and supporting another prominent Republican, such as Florida Attorney General and former US Representative Bill McCollum. And if he wants a Senate seat so badly, run against Senator Bill Nelson when is term is up? He's a shoe-in, right? Instead of a one for one exchange, he could have added a needed Republican senate seat.

Thank you Charlie.

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